Tournament Rules

  1. Each team must number between 7 – 10 players.

  2. A maximum of 7 defensive players are allowed in the field at one time.

  3. Defensive players MAY throw the ball at the runner for an out (called a KILL).

  4. Only official Wiffle Ball equipment will be allowed.  NO OUTSIDE BATS!

  5. Base runners MAY NOT lead off.  They may only advance AFTER the batter makes contact.  Stealing is NOT allowed.

  6. Offensive teams will pitch to their own hitters.  The pitcher is NOT a fielder.

  7. Pitches must be underhand with a perceptible arc.

  8. The batter will begin with a 1-0 count (one ball, no strikes).  If the batter does not offer at a pitch it is a ball, regardless of its location.  Once the count reaches 3 balls, each ensuing pitch is an automatic strike.  There is no foul ball limit.  Three strikes and the batter is OUT.

  9. A batter who strikes out is entitled to use the BIG RED BAT during their next at-bat.  A home run hit with the BIG RED BAT is an automatic out.

  10. A ball that goes through or under the fence is considered a ground-rule double.

  11. The run limit per inning will be SEVEN. There will be NO RUN LIMIT in the fourth inning.

  12. Scoring is the same as regular baseball (a run = 1 point).